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6 Reasons to Attend MVP Conf 2015

So little time, so many conferences, how does one choose which events to attend? In an effort to help you persuade your boss to approve you going to MVP Conf, we put together a few resources and some information that can help support your case. Besides this being an amazing learning experience where you’ll meet wonderful people, you can use our letter to the boss to help move the process along. And if that doesn’t work, here are six reasons for why you must attend MVP Conf this year:

A unique conference experience

MVP is a brand-new conference. That means two days of in-depth discovery and training dedicated wholly to product professionals like you who are leading the way in the development and design of products and services for the leading product managers.

See the future of the mobile market

You’ll have a front row seat to hear from and meet one-on-one with leaders driving the future of product management. Ask questions and get them answered by our experts. Call it your crystal ball into the future of this booming new industry, and how you can apply what you’ve learned directly to your organization’s bottom line.

Hands-on training you can apply tomorrow

Deep-dive workshops and insightful case studies will fill your head with ideas and tools you can use to help your company gain a competitive edge in the product market.

Countless networking opportunities

After two days of networking opportunities with our experts and hundreds of your peers, you’ll come away with valuable new professional connections to buoy your company’s future success.

Mobile innovators abound.

Companies who comprise the biggest leaders and innovators in the mobile space will be on hand to talk with you about their products, services, and career opportunities.

Location, location, location.

Two days in fabulous Washington, D.C. in the spring. What’s not to love?

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