Code of Conduct

Modev Code of Conduct

At Modev, we assume that most people are intelligent, well-intended, and respectful of others, and we’re inclined to give our community and attendees the benefit of the doubt that they act accordingly at our events.

However, recent cases of bad or disrespectful behavior in and around technology events have led us to the conclusion that it’s sometimes necessary to spell out the behavior we support and don’t support at our events.

Here’s the deal: we will do whatever we believe is necessary to ensure that a Modev community event, conference, or training is a safe and productive environment for everyone.

We take issues of harassment and improper behavior very seriously, and we acknowledge that this is a long-standing issue in the technical community. It’s simple: we don’t condone harassment or offensive behavior, at our conferences or anywhere. It’s counter to our company values and our values as human beings.

Modev expects the practice of appropriate behavior by all participants at technical events, including all our conferences, meetups, etc. It’s common sense and an issue for which we have a zero tolerance policy for those who choose to ignore or break basic rules of human decorum or decency.

We invite you to help us make each Modev event a place that is welcoming and respectful to all participants, so everyone can focus on the conference itself, the great networking and community, and rich collaborations that can happen when we get together in person.

Our zero tolerance Code of Conduct includes, but is not limited to:

Sexual or racist comments by attendees, sponsors, or from our speakers, including verbiage or imagery in speaker or sponsor slides. Put simply, you should use good judgment. If we hear complaints and we think they are warranted, you may not be invited back.

Stalking, offensive comments, and unwanted sexual advances toward female attendees. To borrow a line from the Flickr Community Guidelines, which use the term Creepiness: “You know the guy. Don’t be that guy.” If we hear that you are “that guy” (regardless of your gender), we will investigate and take any action we feel is appropriate, including asking you to leave.

Please bring any concerns or occurrances of bad or offensive behavior to the immediate attention of our event staff or directly to Pete Erickson (Modev Founder / CEO) at or Elliot at

We thank our attendees for their help in keeping the event welcoming, respectful, and friendly to all participants.