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Interactive Sessions at MVP

On day two of MVP Conf (May 19), you’ll have the opportunity to speak with designers, developers, product managers, and various thought leaders from leading organizations.

What on earth is an interactive session?

Simple! For each table we’ll have an awesome moderator. They will either be hosting a round table discussion, Q&A, or other interactive activity. This allows you to have an intimate discussion with not just your peers, but also a thought leader making a difference in the mobile and product worlds. We have more speakers and moderators to announce and what times they will specifically be moderating a table, but below are some of the amazing people you will be interacting with.

Name Title Company
Art Agin Director of Mobile eCommerce Amtrak
Oren Levine Director of Technical Product Management PBS
Sara Mastro Senior Director, Experience Design Mediabarn, Inc
Scott Savage UX Architect Boost Labs
Salman Suhail Sr. Product Manager OPower
Jee Sipper Director of Product Management Wedding Wire
Marty Ringlein CEO / Founder nvite
Shannon O’Neil VP Product Design and UX GetWellNetwork
David Helms VP of Product Radius Networks
Alex Mitchell Product Manager, Social Media Marketing Vista Print
Brett Battjer Product Manager Rally Health
Ricardo Leon Sr. Product Manager SAP
Rebecca Johnson Principal Product Strategist & UX Designer MAG7 Collective – also author/owner of
Elizabeth Dirgins Managing VP, Bank Digital Operators Capital One
Nick DePrey Analytics Manager NPR
Lisa Peterson Product Strategy Tata Communications
Peter Meoli Product Management GEICO
Kara Sasse Head of Product Management & Marketing Gallup
Kirsten Wirth Senior Product Manager AOL
Davis Isbitski Developer Evangelist Amazon
Mariya Bouraima Founder Aveya Creative
Jullie Bethke Director of Design Sripps Network, Interactive
Ben Hood Principal Product Manager at Endgame Endgame
Aaron Dun CMO Intronis
Jason Mariasis Product Manager, Money US News and World Report

Attending MVP Conf

MVP Conf is the first conference of it’s kind, focusing on the future of products. From mobile apps and wearable technology, to the hardware that builds the walls around you, MVP will feature speakers and experts from various aspects of product teams, from a diverse set of industries.

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