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Modev Presents: Deepak Thakral

Modev Presents is our first step into the world of podcasts, where we will feature interesting people, products, and companies in the mobile space. This week we spoke with Deepak Thakral, the VP of Monetization at Quixey. From onboarding and user acquisition to HBO’s Silicon Valley, we had a great conversation leading up to his talk next week.

On May 18, he’ll be leading a discussion at MVP Conf on getting stakeholder buy-in on your ideas.

Questions Asked

  • Before we get into it, Deepak, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • You clearly have an amazing background on app monetization, what drew you into the mobile space?
  • Just for a fun question – What are your thoughts on the way the HBO show Silicon Valley portrays the ideation and startup world as far as funding goes?
  • What are some of the more out there concepts you’ve seen in the past?
  • During the conference, you’re going to share from a case study on getting stakeholder buy-in. When coming up with an idea, what kind of things do you need to have completed in advance before bringing the idea to other people?
  • It’s been said that an idea is hard to ignore if it’s concrete or turned into an actual product. MVPs are one way of doing this. Do you think this is accurate?
  • What comes next? Any exciting projects coming up?
  • How can people learn more about you?

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