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Modev Presents: Getting Stakeholder Buy-In with CustomInk

Modev Presents is our first step into the world of podcasts, where we will feature interesting people, products, and companies in the mobile space. This week we spoke with CustomInk’s Product Manager Beth McHugh and UX Designer Jeff Lopez.

On May 18 at MVP Conf, they will be discussing their secret recipe for building trust with stakeholders.


1:00 – Introducing Beth McHugh and Jeff Lopez

2:00 – Understanding CustomInk’s Fire Teams

Fire Teams allow people to work across projects, test new ideas, and expand concepts with user research.

4:00 – Prototyping vs Concrete: which stakeholders will accept concepts

“A prototype is helpful for some of that [buy-in], but if you have a good story and the numbers to back it up, then that can be equally as powerful.”

6:20 – When should you start to speak with customers about a new concept?

“The sooner you talk to customers the better.”

Suggested people to follow from Beth: Marty Cagan and Eric Ries.

9:30 – Crowdfunding can play a big role in the future of new products and concepts

In the past, email signup forms played a crucial role in gauging concepts. Dropbox and others used this as both a resource and marketing tactic.

“One of the questions you ask when trying to understand the value of something is ‘would you pay for this?’”

10:25 – Fail often to arrive at the right solution

“Crowdfunding allows you to fail sooner.”

12:00 – Have an app idea at an established organization? Some may launch unbranded to gauge feedback.

14:40 – Relationships matter when it comes to stakeholder adoption.

“The real big thing is communication.”

“It’s really bringing them along the path.” Gone are the days of waiting until every detail is set. Frequent check ins help teams gain early input.

18:40 – How do you build the best products? With the best customer experience.

21:10 – What comes next for CustomInk? It’s a secret, boooo.

Interested in learning more about CustomInk or working there? On Thursday’s they have open lunches. Which may or may not include FROYO. Beth also runs OpenIDEO DC Dojo in the DC area, check it out!

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