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Workshops at MVP Conf

At all Modev conferences we like to have a healthy balance of interactive, knowledge sharing, and workshop sessions. This year at MVP Conf, we’ve got a great lineup of experts set to work you through project inception all the way through bridging communication barriers between technical teams and product managers.

On day one (May 18), you’ll be able to gain hands-on-experience through our traditional workshops, and on day two (May 19) you’ll have the opportunity to form a diverse team to build a new concept that can have a global impact. Whether you are a product manager, designer, marketer, or engineer, each activity will give you a new opportunity to learn from a different thought leader who has worked on various successful products and projects.

Day One Workshops

Start the day at 9 am with either lean analytics led by Chelsea and Rose at,  or a hands-on tutorial walking you through a design studio led by Brilliant Experience’s CEO, John Whalen.

Before you grab a bite to eat at 11 am, learn from AOL’s Head of Product for Paid Services, Elliot Susel about the Product Manager’s Guide to Technical Decisions.

Post food coma at 1 pm, hear from Gordon Montgomery about Executive Life Coaching for Product Professionals.

Wrap up the day from 2:30 pm until 4 pm working with Founder + Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs, Bruce McCarthy on Developing Inspiring Roadmaps; or learn from the Director of UX at Yammer, Cindy Alvarez, at the No-Excuses Customer Development Workshop.

Day Two Interactive Workshops

On May 19, you’ll be able to join what we hope expect to be an interactive team workshop that we roll out into future events. We’ll help you form teams of 5-8 people, provide you with a global problem that needs to be solved, and ask you to work together to come up with a concept using your diverse skill sets. Dubbed project impact, this will allow you to walk away from MVP Conf with great new connections, hands-on experience with a diverse team of professionals, and direct feedback from our experts.

Attending MVP Conf

MVP Conf is the first conference of it’s kind, focusing on the future of products. From mobile apps and wearable technology, to the hardware that builds the walls around you, MVP will feature speakers and experts from various aspects of product teams, from a diverse set of industries.

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