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Slides and Presentations from MVP Conf

After a wonderful conference, there is still a lot of great content to consume from the presenters. The videos are currently in production, but until then here are the slides from our presenters:

via CustomInk’s Beth McHugh and Jeff Lopez

via Diamond Mind’s Shardul Mehta

via Under 10 Consulting’s Steve Johnson

via Chief Product Person at UpUp Labs Bruce McCarthy

via Quixey VP of Monotization Deepak Thakral

via THG President Teague Hopkins

via Vox Media Product Director Lauren Rabiano

via Promontory Interfinancial Network’s Simon Storm and Mary Lynn Wilhite

via Kristin Bolton-Keys and Alicia Dixon

via Movel

via LivingSocial’s Kerry Lenahan

via Capital One’s Chris Clarke

As more slides come in, we will be adding them here.

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